Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Groomed by Attacking NRA, Trump and Cuomo Sex Scandal Leticia James Set to Run to Replace Hochul


Leticia James the New York AG who rose to fame
By trying to shoot down the NRA and Trump in flames
And moved on to put Cuomo in her sights for turning nursing homes into the Killing Fields
Has a new target onto which her attention has wheeled
Should very soon she is going to announce a run for governor in the crowded the Blue primary thicket
This woman even though earlier in her career was on The Working Families ticket
Has never seen the inside of a private sector job a collect a paycheck
As New York’s crushing taxes are causing the private sector to New York as a location reject
The current governor who replaced sex scandal tainted Cuomo who resigned in disgrace
Will also be a candidate in the race
Two female Working Families Party alums one black and one white
 Neither one of whom have spent any significant time in private sector
As low tax right to work states are the company’s chosen vector
Will be interesting to see who wins and how they distinguish themselves on policy matters
Since Hochul was once endorsed by NRA in her race and James sued the NRA will Hochul to win the 2nd Amendment batter
High name recognition candidates and leaders too early to tell
Save that whomever as a sacrificial lamb in this Blue state has not a chance in Hell.

© October 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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