Thursday, October 14, 2021

From Border Czar to Columbus Day Diatribe Kamala Harris Is a Total Failure


John Nance Gardner is said to have proclaimed “the Vice Presidency is not worth a warm bucket of spit”
Looking at the qualifications and performance of its current one the evaluation seem to ft
Every time Kamala Harris opens her mouth she reveals herself to be a total inept fool
From her appointment as the Immigration Czar lacking any needed tools
All we got was her retreat to find the root causes when they were right in open view in her face
To become on the open border issue “Where’s Waldo” fleeing in MIA disgrace
To her latest attempt to be in touch with paid child actors touting they would be able to see craters on the Moon
With her hand gestures and feigned awe and excitement coming across as a complete buffoon
But if one is living proof of the Peter Principle like Harris for a curtain call on ineptness she quickly repeats
Attacks Columbus Day due to against the native population, the genocide, land theft and superspreading of germs
That Europeans thanks to his discovery were able to decimate and enslave the natives a history we need to learn
How can we honor a man who opened the door on these noble natives to genocide, slavery, disease and the theft of their lands
A false idea of the noble savage that intertribal wars, human sacrifices, and slavery she must not understand
Wants to rename the day to Indigenous Peoples Day
And so named our mistreatment of the natives will be allayed
Our history with our native populations is not one which we should revere
Which sadly has been repeated throughout history when explorers on undiscovered lands appear
From the  extinction of Neanderthals by homo sapiens to the conquest of primitive societies around the planet
The weaker inhabitants either adapt and assimilate or flee or are killed or enslaved by the conquerors without regret
Columbus Day should celebrate the discovery not the bloody past that we should not praise or forget
Indigenous Peoples Day can honor their culture and art
Not from the reality of their shortcomings gloss over and depart

 © October 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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