Monday, October 11, 2021

Sinking Poll Approval Numbers and Blue Rats Will Be Jumping from the Biden Sinking Ship


The only principle for most politicians is the Political Golden Rule
“Do Unto Others Whatever Is Necessary to Remain in Office No Matter the Tools”
What’s best for the party or the people is to be tossed
Along with principles but not big donors or lobbyists to avoid a loss
As the Biden ship of state keeps running into cognitive disaster reefs
Afghanistan, the open border and illegals surge, CRT backlash and inflation bringing more grief
The Blue rodents are appearing on the decks awash with the seas of electoral doom
Watch them quickly jumping from the Biden ship never wanting to be seen in the same room
The old frail senile basement candidate who deceived us as the candidate who would unify
Has continued to increasingly divide the nation so Blues can no longer the reality of sinking polls deny

In World War I, the Kaiser bemoaned that being Austria-Hungary’s Central Powers ally
Was like being to a rotting corpse at the hips tied
Biden is not yet dead, but his brain and mental powers seem to have disappeared
Blues in down races more and more have a growing fear
Fail to separate from Biden and one will wave one’s office goodbye

Look for more and more to attack his failed policies and to attack his lies
The Blues and Biden’s coffin nail
Watch the MSM to save their rating on them and him bail
Do not be surprised for those Blues also fearful of the Roaring Progressive Mouse primary attacks
To hat in hand go to the Reds to switch parties and beg to be taken back
2022 and 2024 could be the most important elections for the Republic to survive
Must wins to keep the American Dream and its Shining Lights on the hill alive
October 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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