Friday, October 8, 2021

With Abysmal Ratings Why Is Brianna Keilar and Her Anti-Red Rants Still on the Air?


Of all the “news” on television New Day is probably the most misnamed
Instead of fresh perspective on events all a viewer gets is more of biased advocacy same
Why CNN keeps Brianna Keilar on the air with her in the basement ratings is a complete mystery
With less than 500,000 viewers if any business sense existed at CNN she would be history
But no she has been given all the rope necessary to pursue her brand
That of the most anti-Red, pro left host on TV Land
TV is not like Alabama in the days of Wallace where out segregationist your opponent guaranteed a win
Here the pro left MSM like the Cack News Network has the “fair and balanced” Fox News to debunk their spin
Keilar had the inanity to lash out at Niki Haley, like Harris of Indian descent
Who claimed that although there were racists in the South, American is not a racist nation at present
What this white “journalist” is oblivious to is the over use of the word
The belief that if you oppose any idea or policy of the left you are a racist which is absurd
In the CRT outrage sweeping the nation black parents on the same side are weighing in
Since no one is running for office like Larry Elder the MSM on this cannot the racist card spin
Watch for “journalists” like Keilar trying to right her sinking program ship
Claim the attackers of CRT are locked in domestic terrorists’ grip
Unlike the left who against the likes of Chick-fil-A seek to force from public spaces and boycott
No need to on her sponsors who will soon terminate when they don’t see the ratings they thought they had bought
© October 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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