Sunday, October 10, 2021

Biden Administration Ignores Border Crisis as Another 300-400,000 Illegals on Their Way


A photo or a picture is worth a 1000 words as the viewer can see the lies before his very eyes
The Blues must think the American public is either really stupid or totally blind to photos on the southern border deny
Mayorkas who is totally out of his league failing on southern border crisis to even begin to cope
 With a straight face telling the American people the southern border is closed coming across as an idiotic dope
A drone hired by Fox peering down from above showed 15,000 illegals under the bridge at Del Rio
Who made the trek due to Biden’s open border promise and not feel entry into the nation for them we owe
The mass of humanity crammed together like sardines an anti-Biden wakeup call
Proof positive of the chaos and crisis resulting from Biden’s halting of the wall
In Blue hypocrisy land the border is closed if less than 300,000 each month come across
But the drones show our attempt to control our border is a total loss
No matter how hard Mayorkas and his Blues try to ignore the problem of its magnitude gloss
With the illegals come the cartels with trafficking, crime and deadly drugs to find their way into needles and after use in our cities on the sidewalks and parks be tossed
Shootings of minors in Blue run cities and deaths from drug abuse exceed by 30 or more to 1 to deaths from Covid
The Blues are clueless to understand without a secure border the flood of deadly drugs impossible to rid
Some 300 to 400 thousand more illegals are on their way
How many more of our youth will the cartels’ drugs slay?
Biden’s approval ratings on the border will soon be in the low to midteens
Maybe he is so mentally damaged that he cannot from his anti-Trump border actions wean
Doesn’t understand the coming Red wave
That in 2022 will put Blues’ hold on Senate and House into the grave
© October 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  


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