Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Top Three Blue Leaders Are As Incompetent As Incompetence Can Be

 The top 3 leaders in the nation should make all of us shiver

Biden as number 1 shows his brain has lost all neuron arrows in his mental quiver

From having a mock White House office stage set

To his crib sheet in his pocket so names and locations he won’t forget

Number 2 Harris who has failed in every task that Biden put on her desk

Clueless on how to solve so more nervous cackles making her look more grotesque

Her latest assignment involves the National Space Council for her to lead

A video of her with paid child actors ranting about the wonder of craters proving her rants no one will heed

Number 3 is Pelosi who has become inept in practicing the Speaker of the House’s craft

As the progressive Roaring Mouse under the leadership of the Squad is on a changing of America warpath

Her latest out of touch reality was to against the press complain

That they were not doing enough to advance Biden’s agenda before it is flushed down the drain

In her Botox-clouded mind a free press not up to fulfilling its task

If it is not gushing its sycophant praise so in his accomplishments Biden can bask

In war  the third match to light became the snipers magnet to kill

In Blue Politics it’s not these 3 idiots but middle and lower class Americans who will pay the butcher’s bill

© October 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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