Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Biden Blames Trump for National Debt Increase Lies about Number of Votes That Must Happen to Raise the Debt Ceiling BHppmust ttnumber of vi

 When it comes to taxes and economics Psaki is a total fool
Listening to her rant on 0  costs would flunk her in any econ class in any school
First and foremost if we pump another $ 3.5 trillion or more into an economy that is already inflating
The suffering middle class will be hit with the most regressive tax of all increasing inflation not abating
Money in the federal budget is fungible and there is no way there are enough over $400 K earners to pay the full cost
Especially if Biden has his way and hikes the corporate tax rated and thousands of jobs will be lost
Since the over $400 K earners have surplus not needed to on necessities of life spend
Their consumption will not by inflation go into a declining trend
But the middle class the segment that Biden is hot to protect
Will have grave difficulties in having ends meet and the choice of forgoing needed goods and services will have to elect
Already the oft repeated its cost is paid for has the wooden noses racking up
2 Pinocchio’s from the leftist WAPO which should be more as inflation continues to erupt
On the debt ceiling Biden blaming Trump for the national debt cannot quit
Ignores the massive increase under Obama as he launched his snit fit
Obama was hit with the financial collapse of 2008 which occurred before his being sworn in
And Trump was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and had to pump in trillions to keep economy out of trash bin
Both should get a get out of national debt blame card out of fiscal jail
But Biden’s knee jerk blaming Trump should be doomed to fail

© October 4,  2021 The Alaskanpoet

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