Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Lightfoot Booed By Union That Endorsed Her in 2019

 Mayor Lightfoot has done squat to stem the daily Chicago shooting and killing parade

Watching her lash out at critics rightfully concerned shows a woman way above her pay grade Appearing at a fund raiser for a plumbers she was met with a thundering roar Not of applause or cheers but from the crowd in attendance really sore A tidal wave of boos spawned by the attendees’ righteous rage After a minute washed her off the stage This mayor’s performance and her lack of ability is a disgrace Her surname Lightfoot by Lightweight she should replace Speed and agility to react to issues like black on black shootings carnage sprees Is gone and replaced by snail like speed for all residents to see Like too many Blues she has made vaccines a condition to be employed Good luck to residents hiding from bullets as police in droves refuse to be deployed How safe will Chicago less be With fewer cops to meet the shooting sprees The union business manager disputed the reports of massive boos Blamed it on only a few Judge for yourself on Twitter as off the stage she disappears Whatever she wanted to say drowned out by her prior actions such that attendees did not want to hear Another example of Blue tone deafness ripping this nation apart Will we ever from bias partnership attempt to depart © October 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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