Monday, November 1, 2021

November 1, 2021 Ridley's Believe It Or Not World Vegan Day


            CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues on an increasing basis with cases now over 247 million at 247,501,784 cases,  18,316,141 of which are active, 229,185,643  closed with 224,169,931 recoveries (97.81%), and cracking the 5,000,000 barrier 5,015,712 deaths (2.19% )to continue the low trend of increased cases with increased recovery percentages and decreased death percentages with some plateaus, dips, and rises.
            CV USA Cases: Total cases now over 46 million at 46,823,938 with 9,342,936 active cases of which 12,284 are serious or critical, (8,599 on 3/25/2021) (back to steady decreases despite the  Delta variable to .131% of active cases and to increase the reduction from the 29,271 peak on 12/31/2020 to 16,987, 37,481,612 closures with 766,299 deaths (2.04%) and with 36,715,313 recoveries (97.96%). Our death rate percentage is .15% lower than the world’s death rate.
             Standing: On a deaths per million population measure on a steady   but slow climb to 2297 the U.S. ranks behind Peru (5961) the new number 1 which has had a quantum leap in deaths previously unmatched which was a change in the classification to give Peru the a new method of reporting to have a fatality rate of 9.26% of total cases now; Bulgaria the new number 2 (3489), Hungary (3208) just passed by Bulgaria, Brazil (2833) which has been hit with a rapid rise in deaths now slowing down, Argentina (2535), Romania (2504) and newly added to the list  (2466),  and slightly better than Belgium (2230), Mexico (2206), Italy (2189), UK (2057),  Poland (2037), Chile (1953),  Spain (1868),  Ecuador newly added to list (1831),  France (1798), Portugal (1788), Bolivia (1592),  Sweden (1472) that never closed its economy down like we did, and Switzerland (1287). 
              Tests: No need to tally tests as testing programs are functioning well.
              CV Open Gate: Lost in the pronouncements by Biden and his lackeys  that there is no crisis of illegals surging across the border is that fact that COVID-19 is alive and well and spreading in the Northern Triangle and Mexico which is  10th  on my list of deaths from the pandemic  at 2206/M with 385,347 active cases and a fatality rate of 8.34% of closed cases and the 3 countries in the Northern Triangle in terms of active cases and deaths per million are as follows even though the data may be suspect as underreported (regardless of number we need no more cases):
                     Guatemala:  Active Cases:    5,787 Deaths/M  822
                     Honduras:    Active Cases: 249,255 Deaths/M 1012
                     El Salvador:  Active cases:   14,813 Deaths/M  55r  
               US Vaccinations: As of 10/31/2021 420.7 million doses,  1.08 million per day (down to 2 months for 75% of population vaccinated) and in California 126,767  per day  (which means if the rate does not increase it will take us now only  4 weeks to have 75% of the population of California vaccinated which many believe is necessary to develop herd immunity (other than Flip Flop Fauci who may believe that 90% is required).  In California 54,091,213 total doses have been given (85.4%  of doses received to exceed the U.S. average of 81.2%), California has moved from 4th to 5th  tied with Colorado  of the 50 states in terms of the percentage of doses administered as a percentage of doses delivered to the states and at 61.2% of its population fully vaccinated compared to the U.S. average of 57.9% and has moved from 15th to 14th in terms of getting vaccines received into arms and the percentage of the population fully vaccinated compared to other states.    
               Non  CV News: Om the G20 front the world leaders have called for a 15% minimum corporations tax and Biden held a press conference with a crib sheet of reporters he called on (had crib sheet of talking points which raised question of whether questions in advance were presented to assist him); was it due to the need for naps or time for the energy boosters to take effect but Biden was consistently late for meetings including his press conference; Biden’s coughing in his hand and then shaking hands of supporters in line may have claimed its first victim as Psaki has tested positive for the virus although he tested negative after her infection ; with polls showing Youngkin leading him, McAuliffe in desperation has shifted gears from the anti-Trump card of Youngkin being a Trump clone to trying to argue his record when he was governor (touted the fact he had 5 children in the public schools when in fact 4 went to private schools which with vouchers like Youngkin advocates children in failing urban schools choking under the iron fist of the teachers’ union would have the same opportunity); McAuliffe must know he is in trouble when the liberal NYT does not conceal but actually prints photos showing miniscule crowds at his rallies compared to Youngkin’ s; as pundits on the left are calling upon the super wealthy to pay more in taxes and sell some stock to alleviate hunger, Elan Musk tweeted he would gladly do that if an accounting were made on where the money would go and how its expenditure would alleviate hunger (when has the government or the UN ever done something efficiently compared to private enterprise?); the kill the golden goose mentality of the Blue one party mentality in California has resulted in Tesla planning to move its corporate headquarters to Austin; going up the escalator Biden had a question about the $450,000 per separated child the Biden Administration is mulling around and true to form was speechless and could only scratch his head; on a Southwest Airline flight from Houston to Albuquerque the pilot ended his message with “Let’s Go Brandon” which prompted a firestorm of criticism from the MSM and an investigation by Southwest Airlines (the shortage of pilots aggregated by the vaccine mandates may save the pilot’s job and merit only a reprimand; NYFD firefighters to the tune of 2000 have been going on sick leave to protest the vaccine mandates that will impose sanctions on the unvaccinated starting this Monday; the Astros overcame a first inning grand slam and the leftist despised tomahawk chops to beat the Atlanta Braves 9-5 to force a 6th game on Tuesday;
as the chant concealing profane thoughts on Biden, “Let’s Go Brandon” sweeps the country and has morphed into a number 1 rap song, leave it to the political cartoonist to link the anti-vax movement with the slogan and potential for cancelled flights due to pilots terminated for not taking the jab:                    

               Chicago Gun Violence: Hey is alive and well to collect data to show that through October 30, 2021, gun violence involving mostly persons of color shooting mostly persons of color in Chicago is alive and well with 3923 persons shot of whom 675 have died.
               As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this day in history, a  music video link to  “Girls Like You”  by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B, the fact that you enjoy reading articles that describe events that may be sibylline; and a quote by Gary L. Francione, 
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National Brush Day—created by the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives in 2013 to promote brushing of teeth for 2 minutes a day twice a day for good dental health and chosen due to the massive amounts of candy young kids will have received and started consuming on Halloween.
World Vegan Day—created in 1994 by the Louise Wallis, the Chairperson of the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom to commemorate  the beginning of the Vegan Movement 50 years ago in 1944 and to promote the benefits of a vegan diet.
2018  Number 1 Song USA—the number 1 song in 2018 on this day was “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B  on  a run in that position of 7 weeks to join 11 other  songs that achieved number 1 status  as 9 acts achieved their first number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, including rapper XXXTentacion, who was murdered in an armed robbery at age 20 to become  the 8th artist to reach number 1 status posthumously.  Here is a music video of “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B.
Word of the Day—the word of the day is “sibylline” which means prophetic which describes the onset of inflation to be caused by the trillions of new dollars to be spent by the federal government if Biden’s spending agenda is passed.
One Two Punch—celebrating the birth on this day in 1960 of Tim Cook, Steve Jobs successor as CEO at Apple, who led the company to become the first company with a $1 trillion market cap on August 2, 2018  and then become the first company to achieve a  $2 trillion market cap on August 19, 2020.
              On this day in:
              a. 1896 a picture of a native woman with bare breasts appeared in National Geographic for the first time.
              b. 1956  John “Jack” Graham, angry over his mother’s placement of him in an orphanage  during  his childhood and desirous of a large insurance payment, placed a bomb in her luggage before she boarded United Airlines Flight 629 from Denver to Portland which exploded minutes after the plane took off, sending it crashing to the ground, killing all 44 aboard. Graham was arrested, tried in Colorado’s first trial that was televised, convicted of one count of murder for his mother as there were no statutes that made bombing of an interstate flight a federal crime which was remedied when President Eisenhower signed legislation making bombing an aircraft illegal and executed on January 16, 1957.  
              c.  1968  the Motion Picture Association of America adopted in rating system for movies for violence and sexual content of G, M, R and X.
              d. 1982 Honda became the first Asian car manufacturer to open a plant in Marysville, Ohio to manufacture cars in the United States.
              e. 1984 anti-Sikh riots broke out in India after Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her 2 Sikh bodyguards and when they ended 4 days later some 8,000 Sikhs had been killed.
Reflections on Veganism: “Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable”
― Gary L Francione, noted professor of law at Rutgers University and author of many books and articles on animal ethics.
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