Thursday, November 11, 2021

Cack Biased Slant Alive and Well With Libelous Tweet on Rittenhouse Trial


CBS News with Uncle Walter was for many years on top of the charts
Today a shame from a reputation of honesty how far they chose to depart
Watching CBS and one quickly realizes for what it stands
Cack Biased Slant so typical of the fake news advocacy journalism sweeping this land
Following Rittenhouse’s testimony of his shooting while fearing for his life
On a night in Kenosha when violent rioting was running rife
A CBS tweet intoned that Rittenhouse had murdered two as a white supremacist that MSM had earlier tried to paint
Anyone reading would assume a fair trial that claim would taint
Testimony that he was chased by a rioter who tried to grab the barrel of his gun
Shot and killed then away from the mob for his life tried to outrun
Fell to the ground and then attacked by a rioter’s skateboard swung and neck and head
Trying to grab his gun and was then shot dead
Another rioter charged with a pistol pointed at Rittenhouse in his hand
Another shot this time a wound to a perceived deadly attack withstand
In the land of cack with Cronkite rolling in his grave
CBS comes across as biased hacks somewhat depraved
Libel lawyers at CBS must on the tweet have gotten  wind
Raising alarm that the tweet CBS would have to rescind 
Damage done but soon a tweet that Rittenhouse claimed to be acting in self defense
Step in right direction but if Rittenhouse acquitted he may be receiving recompense

© November 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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