Saturday, November 20, 2021

Joyless Reid Blasting Rittenhouse Verdict Rooted in Slave Catchers Clueless on Inflation


Joyless Reid is the anchor for her program “Reid Out” on MSNBC
That an ever decreasing viewers turned off by her bias refuse to see
Listening to her rants a critic would demand the program should be renamed
To “Tune Reid Out” from her views so biased and insane
Sucking down $1.5 million a year
She and husband on inflation have no fear
Might have to after consumption goods invest less
But this Thanksgiving putting on a feast will cause no stress
So she inanely spouts the inflation is only a Red talking point fable
As Americans looking at empty shelves and soaring prices are hurting to put their feast on the table
In her warped view it’s a sign of prosperity that Americans are spending far more
The fact that less goods and services for more dollars she ignores
Her stupidity on inflation was revealed but that should not come as a surprise
A she ranted Rittenhouse verdict traced by to slave catchers in her biased eyes
Claimed his three victims were sacrificial allies of the BLM Movement
Despite rap sheets including 10 yrs. prison for raping 5 boys one of them was sent
© November long 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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