Monday, November 29, 2021

Even On COVID-19 Biden's Approval Sinking Fast Blue Congress Control in Less Than a Year Will Not LastoWven


Biden must be on his knees in deep prayer
The political news for him getting harder to bear
The only good news is that the midterms are not happening today
If so the Blues in House and Senate would be swept away
His poll numbers are dropping like a rock
And today another COVID-19 unwelcome shock
A new variant with the Omicron name
A monkey wrench in his efforts to virus tame
Spreading out of South Africa when it comes to ease of transmission much worse
So Biden forced to ape Trump’s early acts to ban travel and merit the xenophobic curse
Unless you are a citizen or green card holder your chances to come from South Africa or its neighbors are nil
Yet when Trump was banning trips from China his condemnation was over the top xenophobic and shrill
Omicron is the COVID-19 variant in town
Unknown whether our vaccines will prevent it from bringing us down
While vaccine makers are pedal to the metal to confirm
How effective vaccines are and few the infected will be infirm
Fauci remains Biden’s discredited COVID-19 czar selection
With his “I am the science” claim facing mounting rejection
Biden’s only area of approval that is fading but still down only to 50%
Should turn negative with Fauci still in charge and more and more bodies to the morgues being sent
Biden’s claim in 2020 that given the death toll for COVID-19 Trump did not deserve to be president
Will be the nail in the Blue’s coffin and his as under his watch deaths have exceeded all of Trump’s by an increasing extent
© November 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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