Tuesday, November 16, 2021

NPR Now National Pravda Radio To Allow "Journalists" To Advocate Freedom and Human Dignity


NPR used to stand for National Public Radio before the PC Warriors arrived on the airwaves
Now the meaning for NPR means National Pravda Radio as it buries objectivity into the grave
“Journalists” at NPR now have quote marks as they now can on social media and life for “freedom and human dignity” advocate
No longer confined to report the news but as an advocate take sides in any ongoing debate
When an advocate is trying to win and cause opponents to cross over to his side
How long before propaganda replaces truth which is dumped along the wayside?
Time and time again we have seen the MSM in a judgment rush
To distort the facts to fit the narrative and the truth crush
Almost without exceptive the casualty is the truth that belies the leftist pitch
Truth especially from conservative views is quickly discarded into the ditch
The propaganda warrior “journalists” seem incapable of being able to learn
Nailed by defamation suits in the millions for the smears they chose to churn
From the Duke lacrosse team “rapists” to the UVA frat “rapists”
To the Covington School peaceful protestors rushes to judgment MSM cannot desist
The latest example is the case of Kyle Rittenhouse labeled a white supremacist
Who shot three rioting whites who could not from destroying property in Kenosha resist
Now awaiting the verdict of the jury in city on edge in fear
That an acquittal verdict or guilty on a lesser charge will cause the rocks and flaming cocktails to appear
At least the bias of NPR is now out in the open for all to see in plain view
If an Indie or Red or even a moderate Blue turn the channel unless you are the most progressive Blue

© November 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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