Monday, November 1, 2021

Politicians and the Wealthy Elite Are Environmental Terrorists


In the race to be the number one class of hypocrites
Only politicians and the wealthy elite in the top two standings fit
Politicians because they treat mere mortals as fools
Pass the laws and regulations which are the control the mere mortals tools
They live by the commandment of do as I say not as I do
Only if caught and near election time do they make amends as getting caught they rue
The wealthy elite profess on climate change great worry and concern
But  if measures adversely affect the enjoyment of their luxury toys we quickly learn
No way can they avoid the use of private jets with massive carbon from the fuel they burn
They avoid commercial air even if in first class and cannot their private jet flights spurn
The bigger and greater range for the private jet the higher on the wealth pecking order that owner will attain
The fact that 400 or more carbon spewing private jets are at a climate change conference is now easy to explain
If this poet were able to vote for number one I would vote for the wealthy elite
They are shielded by their wealth from public reprimand while politicians may lose power and they taste defeat
No office to reap dollars in donation into their ill begotten coffers
They will have to donors nothing for their donations offer
Both are deserving of our total contempt and scorn
If climate change due to them ruins their office tenure or their wealth we shall cheer not mourn
Biden with his caravan of 85 SUV’s on climate change displays nothing but empty words
And with China and Russia not there to emissions reduction in carbon join renders COP26 Climate Change Conference absurd.

© 11/1/21 The Alaskanpoet


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