Monday, November 22, 2021

How Clueless Could the DePage County Blue Director of Social Media Be?


Given the policies coming out of the Biden Administration pretty clear they have lost their minds
On the issue of waves of illegals, supply chain bottlenecks, inflation caused by spending they are blind
Now in the wake of a Christmas Parade tragedy their soul they can no long find
After top Blues and their leftist MMS allies the Rittenhouse not guilty in ire maligned
The director of social media for the DuPage County, Illinois Blues on the Waukesha killings wrote tweet
Mary Lemanski intoned mocking Kyle Rittenhouse that “It was probably just self-defense” to the criminal charges defeat
18 children from the parade were admitted to the hospital 10 of whom admitted to the ICU
This woman must have not a shred of compassion and empathy and as to the parents’ fears and concerns not a clue
Can she have so much hate for those on a knee jerk basis the left brands as white supremacists and racists
Really hard to fathom how much hate and lack of decency, compassion and empathy could even in our divided nation exist
Fortunately after she tweeted she resigned her position as the proper first step
Hopefully before the apologies to the victims and their families who will take a long time to the tragedy forget

© November 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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