Friday, November 12, 2021

Wisconsin Governor Calls Out National Guard Before Verdicts Rendered in Rittenhouse Trial

Rittenhouse’s three victims shot were all white not black
But Biden could not be restrained from painting him on the “white supremacist” track
On Monday the jury will return to the jury instructions hear
Then to retire to deliberate before after reaching a verdict or being hung they reappear
But since the MSM has portrayed the riots in Kenosha as protests of the racial injustice of the wounding of Jacob Blake
Who was armed with a knife and his girlfriend’s small children in her SUV trying to take
Which like the George Floyd protests morphed into burning and looting
Some fears that a not guilty verdict will result in a repeat of burning and shootings
Even though Blake was tased to no avail and the D.A. and DOJ refused to prosecute
As a victim lunging with a knife would make a self-defense claim hard to refute
So the Governor has called out the National Guard to be ready to the city protect
If the jury despite the videos of Rittenhouse’s shooting a guilty verdict rejects
Who would want to be on a jury if you felt a felt a guilty verdict that would mean life off the streets
Had to be rendered to save your town from having to try to deadly riots, looting, and burning defeat?
Here with the National Guard on the ready the jury hopefully will not by threats of violence be swayed
But only by the evidence presented and the presumption of innocence which is the foundation of our criminal justice system in play
© November 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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