Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Youngkin Wins Murphy Trailing Election Bell Tolling for Blues in 2022

 Biden will land on Air Force One after a couple days at a UN Climate Change Conference to be stunned

Despite all the top Blues campaigning and his prediction Terry McAuliffe in Virginia has not won Although too early to call in New Jersey Murphy is trailing in his reelection run With midterm elections a little over a year to occur time for Blues to Biden’s platform shun The Blues can thank their lucky stars it was not 2022 The rage on Biden’s ineptness would mean very few elected Blues The Blues have had as their holy grail Every woe we face to blame Trump on the campaign trail Tonight Youngkin showed that is a losing strategy-- a one trick pony When we are swamped with Biden failures blaming Trump for all ills is phony Watch the MSM on their coverage tomorrow miss totally the mark Cannot bring themselves to admit why Blue and Indie voters from McAuliffe chose to depart Will claim Red divisive dog whistles on non existent CRT When false claims all whites are oppressors and blacks victims are too easy to see when economy, inflation, schools and immigration were top statewide concerns In 2002 added by crime will be issues voters will not spurn Non longer can Blues provide no solutions other than Trump blame Angry voters in 2022 like in McAuliffe’s case will flush Blues down the drain © November 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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  1. FYI, There is a photo of a small child named Mike Ridley in Petersburg Alaska dated 1949. Can be found on Ebay under Petersburg Alaska Postcards.