Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Their 15 Minutes of Fame Having Lasted Way Past Its Expiration Date Time to Vote Squad Out


Warhol once intoned anyone can have 15 minutes of fame
But even if because of the MSM they manage to extend there will be a time to extinguish that flame
After grabbing national headlines and being feared as “Thaw Squad”
Their ethics and their messages were completely flawed
Yet the MSM they seemed to have totally awed
Trying with their sound bites to the political landscape redraw
Last night as a write-in candidate in Buffalo’s mayoral race beat AOC’s socialist could be the Squad’s last hurrah
Their tired old message of America as racist nation with only white supremacists sticking in our craw
The Squad to be reduced to the weak Mouse of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick roared
As Americans have heard enough and now ready to shut the door
Tired of an infrastructure bill even if bloated beyond belief
Held hostage by a Build Back Better Bill they want expanded to cause even more inflationary grief
Time for Americans Red, Blue and Indie to rise up united as one
To tell with their votes AOC and the Squad your time is done
The Reds have the winds of change at their back
2022 is a year away but they should prevail if they do not lose track
Parents matter, secure borders matter, energy independence matters with falling prices on the shelves and at the pump
Putting Americans back to work matters, vaccine choices matter and obstacles to that we must vote into the dump
© November 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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