Thursday, November 4, 2021

Blues Turning On Their Own For Not Supporting Misnamed Build Back Better National Debt Buster


When Maxine Waters ranted that her supporters should get in Trump supporters and official faces
Hound them with shouts of not being wanted so they would be forced to leave any public place
From from the Blues not a peep condemning this disgrace
Such acts no official or supporter in public places should have to face
Such behavior which will lead to violence and injury and maybe death
Should be a call for all of us to step back, chill out and take a deep breath
Instead such anger and lack of civility to anti Trump acts is no longer confined
Blue Sinema and Manchin now are targets of zealots crossing the line
Sinema fleeing into a bathroom and into a stall
Manchin in a car blocked by proctors in a wall
Just because the Blues have turned on each other that should give Reds no great joy
Our ability to resolve issues to benefit the people when anger replaces discourse will be destroyed
The Blues who were silent when our cities were looted and burned
Yet quick to demand the label domestic terrorists the January 6 protestors had earned
May have their tongues sealed when attacks are made on ones of their own
Unwilling to have the left be held accountable and for their violence be forced to atone

© November 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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