Sunday, November 21, 2021

Philadelphia Is No Longer "The City of Brotherly Love" When a 7 Month Pregnant Woman and Fetus Are Shot and Killed Unloading Baby Shower Gifts From Her Car


Philadelphia is in desperate need of name change
As crime there keeps increasing and the thugs more deranged
“The City of Brotherly Love” has become “The Loveless City of Violent Crime”
1582 shootings with 397 dead a 13% over 2020 climb
A city where if a woman takes the subway a chance to get raped
While in a Kitty Genovese déjà vu fellow passengers film but don’t try to help her escape
A 7 month pregnant woman unloading her car from a baby shower
Faced 11 shots and with her fetus lost her life to a firearm’s deadly power
The BLM’s unrelenting attack not on blacks shooting blacks
Often collateral damage over shootings on who gets to sell the H, meth or crack
But only on police who very, very rarely shoot a black who is unarmed
And who more so than ever before are held accountable for causing such deadly harm
Has spawned the nationwide movement to “Defund the Police”
And where put in place violent crime is on a soaring increase
Poor and middle class nonwhites live in terror and fear
That police bring news that a loved one has been shot and killed will appear
While the liberal Blues who run the urban areas like voter plantations
While their vote slaves shelter behind locked doors day and night in frustration
Their safety by the liberal Blues long forgot
As the Blues behind gates with private security are immune to being shot

November 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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