Wednesday, November 3, 2021

To Jemele Hill Wallowing in Anti-Red Bias, Winsome Sears Not Black Enough


Jemele Hill has White Suprematcist Syndrome Stage 4 on her brain
Clouds her judgment so badly that impairs her ability to come out of the rain
She is like a stuck record spewing out biased anti Red swill
Swallowing what she rants is about as healthy as chugging wood alcohol from a bootlegger’s still
According to Hill Virginia’s first female black lieutenant governor owes her win to white suprematcists
How black does Winsome Sears have to be before such rants Hill finally desists
Hill like so many of her fellow plantation owner Blues can’t campaign without the race card
Needed to toss to keep black voting slaves from voting on issues important to them they regard
Jobs, safety, inflation and schools that give their kids a chance
To prepare them for successful jobs as opposed to illiteracy and to prison advance
Looking at what a six year old immigrant from Jamaica has achieved
Is a success story of life that if a movie script would be hard to be believed
Joined the Marines while not a citizen because for it she was willing to die
While the progressive Blues the greatness of America are so quick to dismiss and deny
The first black female lieutenant governor in Virginia is Winsome Sears
Though Hill thinks she’s not black, having blacks decided for themselves how to vote Blues should really fear
Why Hill still has a job is a testimony to the tolerance and greatness of this nation
Her bias against Reds and Red blacks merit our condemnation but not our boycott to send her to the unemployment line station
© November 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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