Wednesday, November 3, 2021

McAuliffe Crashed and Burned Blaming Blues Did Not the Lesson Why Learn


Humans are blessed with the ability to by trial and error learn
Unless one is a progressive Blue who is oblivious to why McAuliffe’s campaign crashed and burned
The only thing the left seems to have retained is a perception that racist white supremacists were to blame
That McAuliffe relied too much on attacking Trump and ignoring issues voters supposedly cared about on the campaign
Economy and jobs, COVID-19 and educations were the top three issues on the voters’ list
Two hot buttons for Swamp Blues—abortion and climate change never rose out of the cellar mist
Dismissed the anger parents of all races felt over CRT being shoved down their children’s throats
As deaf schoolboards and teachers unions retreated to their castles, pulled up the drawbridge and filled the moat
MSM pundits stoked the fires of dismissal by calling protesting parents responding to the dog whistles of racism
oblivious to the fact that between the white, black, brown and black protestors there was no schism
Voters were feeling the economic pain of inflation at decade high rates
Face soaring prices for gas and food to fill their Thanksgiving plate
Angered by the mask mandates that despite vaccines never seem to end
And vaccine mandates ignoring natural immunity and religious freedom as the increasing trend
Climate change as the carbon emitter private jets by the hundreds in Glasgow arrived
Didn’t move the needle the left call that as China is on a coal electric generator spree without killing our economy we won’t survive
The only blame one did not hear was that Biden Agenda seemed about to disappear
That if passed would cause a really expanded head of raging inflation to rear
Blues and MSM the concerns of mere mortal voters no longer hear
To avoid a real shellacking in a year
They really should be looking in the mirror
Like the Contract with America, the coming Reds Parents’ Bill of Rights they should fear
© 11/3/21 The Alaskanpoet

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