Friday, November 19, 2021

Rittenhouse Acquitted On All Counts Time For False "White Suprematcist" To Sue For Defamation?


The definition for insanity for laymen is easy to comprehend
It is repeating the same act over and over again and expecting a different end
Persons who are people of great public interest like a government official, politician, celebrity, business leader, movie star or sports hero
Who absent malice by the false defamatory statement have chances to win against such persons defamatory lawsuits of most likely less than zero
Kyle Rittenhouse by any stretch of the imagination as a person of great public interest would not qualify
From Biden and many of his Blue minions and most of the MSM pundits he has as a white suprematcist and racist been vilified
Nick Sandmann of The Covington Catholic School wearing a MAGA hat was accused by the MSM of attacking a Native American beating on a drum
Totally false and misleading prompting multimillion dollar lawsuits 2 of which against CNN and WAPO settled for payment of undisclosed sum
6 others still winding through the courts but expect Sandmann wins or favorable settlements
One would have thought MSM like CNN and MSNBC would have learned before their defamatory vents
Not so as Rittenhouse accused of being a white suprematcist vigilante with an illegal gun crossing state lines to innocent protestors kill
Despite all the video evidence and testimony by one of his victims the false defamations continued to be repeated even more shrill
Rittenhouse has been acquitted and it is now time for the likes of MSNBC and CNN to the music face
Time for him to seek millions for the damages as his reputation he tries to restore and replace
Such insanity by the rush to judgment “pseudo journalists” mob
The more dollars awarded the better chance maybe next time they not destroy the truth and do an objective job

© November 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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