Friday, November 5, 2021

Jennifer Rubin's McAuliffe Predictions Up In Smoke


That from being a conservative she has long since slipped
To an intolerant leftist that conservatives she is quick to rip
Any budding sense of objectivity due to anti Trump bias she has nipped
If considering a change of or enhancement of her career
After Virginia a gaping hole in her foot has appeared
When it came to McAuliffe’s campaign she had nothing but praise for Terry
His campaign was the blueprint for Blues in 2022 to nationwide Reds bury
Center-left, pro business, tightly messaged and error free
Tie Younkin to Trump and voters like in 2020 would from him flee
Trump was not on the ballot but Biden may have been
Piling up disaster after disaster after disaster to sabotage a McAuliffe win
Inflation at the shelves and at the pump and spending proposed to go off the charts
While a Transportation secretary took paternity leave as goods disappeared from the marts
Terry claimed that in schools kids were not being forced to swallow CRT
But forced to learn at home on Zoom parents were the tenets of CRT able to see
Rose up and descended on school boards in an angry storm
Legions of mama bears and papa bears being born
Error free McAuliffe in a debate claimed parents had no right to determine what schools would teach
Open the door to a Younkin victory and voters pored through the breach
Let’s hope out of touch Rubin pedals for Blues her sure win in 2022 plan
Blues in Congress will be swallowed up like they were mired in quicksand 

© 11/5/21 The Alaskanpoet

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