Friday, November 19, 2021

Brave Jury Not Intimidated by Leftist Mob Fears and Acquits Kyle Rittenhouse On All Counts


The left aided by the stooges of MSM are so adept at framing the narrative to suit their ends
Frees them from the truth to enable their against conservatives rush to judgment trend
Kyle Rittenhouse as a white suprematcist was quickly portrayed
A 17 year crossing state lines armed with an illegal assault rifle to “innocent protestors” slay

Concealing the fact that these protestors were rioters destroying property on that fateful day
Since these rioters could in their warped minds justify in the name of social justice for Jacob Blake the burning and destruction they displayed
MSM did not condemn but their silence condoned with an idea that totally stinks
Property destruction, burning and looting justified by the social justice for Jacob Blake link

Kyle Rittenhouse fleeing for his life from a rioting mob
Seeking to kill or maim him as a required part of their rioting job
Shot and killed 2 of his attackers and wounded a third with a pistol pointed at him in his hand
Unlike many defendants at his trial Kyle took the witness stand

 Thank God the trial was televised and the videos of the events on that rioting night
Clearly showed Kyle was justified to exercise his self-defense right
The charges were brought quickly in less than 48 hours to his freedom crush
So typical with the MSM cheering on MSM’s to judgment rush

12 brave men and women of the jury
Hearing on the courthouse steps the protestors’ fury
Stalked by an MSNBC operative in a van as the jury’s bus he followed
The idea of a fair trial to the MSM rush to judgment mob to hard to swallow

These brave men and women set aside their fears their town would by an acquittal be burned to the ground
Heard the evidence, weighed it carefully and rendered verdict of not guilty on all counts which was totally sound
Our criminal justice system the left wants to destroy passed the innocent until proven guilty test
Time to the defamatory outbursts of Biden and his minions and MSM like Sandmann defamation lawsuits against them suggest

© April 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet



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