Thursday, November 11, 2021

New Mayor of NYC Considering Bringing Back Anti-crime Unit as BLM Then Threatens Riots and Bloodshed klt


New York City and other urban areas across the land
Are awash in violent crime that residents can no longer stand
A predicted result when “defund the police”
Means the number of cops on the streets decrease
911 calls are either not answered or subject deadly delay
Daily the numbers rise as the felons maim and slay
New Yorker are breathing a sigh of relief as Comrade DeBlasio’s has come to an end
His successor, Eric Adams, a former NYPD Captain, ran on ending the surging violent crime trend
Considering bringing back the Anti-crime Unit of officers not dressed in blue
So a felon not warned by easily spotted police cars will have no warning his crime spree is through
Knowing a plainclothed cop may be on the subway or neighborhood street
May well cause the felons to hold back and may even from crime retreat
As videos show a brutal gang attack like something out of a Clockwork Orange sequel
That daytime assaults and shootings in the Big Apple seem to know no equal
The founder of BLM warns that bringing the Anti-crime Unit back will lead to bloodshed
Reveals a failed ideology that blacks are useless to BLM unless from police brutality are dead
The video released is a black man beaten to the ground and stabbed multiple times by a gang of blacks
By the grace of God this poor black man managed to survive the unprovoked brutal attack
Did BLM in protest over lack of safety take to the streets
No they are obsessed with potential safety measures to defeat
© November 11, 2021 the Alaskanpoet

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