Monday, November 29, 2021

Smollett Trial For False Reporting of a Homophobic and Race Hate Crime Began Today


On January 29, 2019 a racial and homophobic phate crime against him was claimed by Jussie Smollett
Prompting a rush to judgment to support him by MSM and celebs they would now like to forget
Smollett claimed he was attacked by 2 Nigerians wearing MAGA hats who tried to him lynch
Filed a police report to that effect and despite all the evidence to the contrary has not backed down an inch
The 2 Nigerians claimed they were paid by Smollett to stage the “hate crime attack”
Police believe the attack was designed to bring a wave of sympathy from “Empire” fans to keep his career on the right track
As a black and gay he was armed with the race card and homophobic card to ward off any disbelief
Was confident that State’s Attorney Kim Foxx would give him some relief
Not to be the case as the Grand Jury held fast and his trial started with jury selection today
Not sure if he is going to take the stand to refute the Nigerians who said he paid them to put the attack in play
This poet is not like the celebs who fell for his claim hook, line and sinker
Who when the claim of white suprematcist attack they discarded their justice is blind blinkers
Even as the “victim” is black and the “attackers” and “attempted lynchers are too
If convicted the celebs rushing to innocent judgment will eat crow and rue
And given the accelerating debate on white supremacy and its effect of race relations
He should be confined to the longest time possible in prison for the dangers of inciting race riots to this nation

© 11/29/21 The Alaskanpoet

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