Thursday, November 18, 2021

Kicker Kicking Rittenhouse In the Head Not Charged Because Not A Riot Only a Protest?


In the Rittenhouse trial his three victims are far from the poster men of virtue
Lengthy criminal records that make them despicable for the crimes they did not eschew
But Rittenhouse was not excused in shooting them unless his act of self-defense could not be denied
Just because they had a criminal record Rittenhouse could not on that record for justification rely
Rittenhouse was charged in MSM’s courtroom of public opinion of being a white suprematcist crossing state lines
While the prosecution charged him also with a dangerous firearm that the statutes did not so define
We learned today that Rittenhouse shot at another assailant whom he did not hit
Who leveled a deadly kick at his head to barely miss a head on hit and fearing another shot fled and his attack quit
Prosecution knew who he was as he offered to testify
If offered immunity from prior criminal behavior including a DUI
In a world where justice is supposed to be blind
This question to the prosecutor quickly comes to mind
A kick to the head can in many cases kill
Yet no charges filed even as the video showed the elements of a crime fulfilled
Could it have been that the kicker was black and the target was white
Charging an assault or attempted murder would not fit the narrative it was not a riot in Kenosha that night

© November 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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