Saturday, November 20, 2021

Nadler Inanely Rants DOJ Must Investigate Miscarriage of Justice of Rittenhouse Acquital

 Never underestimate the propensity of the left when faced with adverse verdicts to go berserk

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts on a suit that never should have been brought was classic knee jerk
Demands by Jerry Nadler that the DOJ should investigate this “miscarriage of justice” are out of line
This biased leftist must be oblivious to the fact that Kyle is not a public official and DOJ can only prosecute federal crimes
Maybe Nadler was seduced by Garland’s letter to the FBI regarding parents opposed to CRT as domestic terrorists
But if the DOJ has any shred left of the need to follow the Constitution it will publicly strongly resist
The Blues want to federalize federal election procedures in all 50 states
Is Nadler’s cry a harbinger of the same move for criminal statutes we now must await
Kyle is being advised to consider suing MSM and public officials for defamation
For falsely claiming him to be a racist and white suprematcist that merits condemnation
He may have a claim and by Sandmann’s  success against CNN and the New York Times
Be encouraged by the lure of victorious settlement cash register chimes
But he may want to recover his life as he defends against wrongful death and injury claims
For Kenosha since Kyle was not an official it most likely would not be exposed unless its cops standing down are to blame
If Biden had any cognitive abilities knowing unity is needed he would apologize profusely for his Kyle remarks
And the MSM not wanting a repeat of CNN and NYT outlays of cash, apologies, and settlement offer before the suits are embarked
The powers to be at GoFundMe after shutting down Kyle’s trial defense fund site
Trying to deprive a person of competent counsel should not be sleeping well at night
© November 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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