Friday, November 12, 2021

Scottsdale School Board President With Dossiers On CRT Complaining Parents To Silence Them


If voters foolishly thought the defeat of McAuliffe would mean
That proponents of the flawed and divisive CRT would fold their tents and leave the school scene
They were mistaken and the many headed hydra of CRT is still alive and well
Trying to shove the CRT curriculum down the kids’ throats and telling parents to go to Hell
In Scottsdale, Arizona thought to be a conservative state
The school board president has prepared an enemy’s list of parents joining in the CRT debate
47 parents now with a dossier of personal information designed to into silence cower
Looks like Greenburg in compiling the dossiers may be guilty of prohibited cyber-stalking
Given the left’s blind obedience to ends justify the means it is not too shocking
Another example of the left’s insatiable thirst and drive for more power
To the left the office matters not
Only the perceived power to be sought
One would think that a school board position is something a parent would only seek to improve education for their kids
Not a springboard to higher office achieve or ego stroking platform to from opposition to CRT complaining parents to rid
But in Scottsdale such a sinister motivation seems to be the case
President Jann-Michael Greenburg sucking down $204k a year is a disgrace
An “enemy’s list” anywhere in politics from the top down to the school board level never belongs
A chilling effect on parent involvement and community discourse that is so patently wrong
Time for this potential tyrant and firebrand for CRT to leave or be forced out
Another wakeup call for the need for vigilance so the cancer of CRT we can rout

© November 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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