Friday, November 12, 2021

Harris Claims Inflation Is Top Priority But Fails to Call For Return of Trump Energy Policies to Solve Rising Gas Prices


Harris after being ridiculed for her fake French accent in Paris
Has now resurfaced in an attempt to from another problem spare us
Finally admits that inflation is real and is causing great pain
But touts it is a top priority for the Biden Administration to contain
As more Americans are admitting that from Thanksgiving travel, they will forego
And sections of the nation will be chilling under early snows
The reason for rising fuel prices is right before her nose
Like the root causes of illegal immigration she seemed not to know
When policies like stopping Keystone and drilling on federal lands oil supplies are cut back
Even going hat in hand to OPEC for more will not make up the slack
Bryan orated that man should not be crucified on a cross of gold
Nor on a cross of Green Energy not yet there with enough to be sold
Instead of reverting to Trump policies that made us energy independent with energy to export
Our supplies even if we foolishly dip into the strategic reserve will come up short
Harris is from California and should remember why Gray Davis was given the boot
Soaring gasoline prices and long lines with every other day fueling cause voter rebellion to take root
People may not understand that when into the economy trillions of dollars Biden wants to pump
Inflation will take off and the purchasing power of stagnant wages go into the trash dump
But stations out of gas or limits on how much you can buy
Points the blame finger at Biden and Blue seats next November outraged voters will deny

© November 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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