Monday, November 8, 2021

Not Using the Requested Pronoun at Columbia Can Get You Fired--What a Crock

Biologically there are only two sexes male and female
No matter how much a male feels he is a woman trying to conceive he will always fail
But in the PC world of inane woke if pronouns are used a male can request being a her
If people refuse to comply beware of the wrath from the PC warriors they will have to endure
Ivy League schools too often are isolated from reality
That observation in the case of Columbia is now plain to see
If you are employed by the university and you don’t  use a universal pronoun in lieu of a person’s name
You are subject to being fired and your income and security flushed down the drain
If one used the N*word or derogatory words like fag, wop, spic or slant hate speech would be the label
But him or her in no way can be viewed as being in the hate speech stable
The world is being turned upside down when transgender males feeling feminine with their organs still in place
Are allowed in biological women’s showers or locker rooms or are allowed to compete in field events or in a race
Transgender males so competing  will make a mockery of Title IX
In almost all cases the transgender male will be first across the line
Only in cases like the Battle of the Sexes when a much younger Billie Jean King
To an aging Bobby Riggs did a woman defeat a man bring
Masking transgender identity with universal pronouns conceals the obvious fact
That there are biological differences between the sexes and muscle mass biological women lack
© November 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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