Monday, November 29, 2021

CNN Explains Biden's Collapse at the Polls Due to Poor Messaging As Opposed to Failed Policies


Every time Cack News Network Anchor Brian Stelter
Convenes his show it brings to mind the rants of Charles Manson’s “Helter Skelter”
After a honeymoon of a record short time the reality of Biden’s ability lack began to set in
His executive orders to open up the border while cutting the flow of oil caused his ratings to go into a tail spin
Which quickly accelerated due his Afghanistan cut and run
With 100’s of Americans and their allies left behind and 13 American service personnel whose life now done
The folly of printing stimulus money by the millions unleased the inflation beast
Still doubling down on Botch America Better to ramp up inflation and national debt even more
While our supply chain collapsed with millions in goods in containers on 100’s of cargo ships waiting to unload off shore
American are not stupid and could see a president whose energy and mental fitness are shot
And a DOJ pursuing parents as domestic terrorists for protesting teaching in schools the divisive CRT rot
So Stelter’s panel trying to Biden’s falling ratings justify and explain
Alarm bells ringing in the MSM as DNC adjuncts that Blue majorities in 2022 were going down the drain
Came up with the justification the Blues were not in Biden’s message successful in trying to it sell
Totally oblivious to his apparent and well recognized failures and the growing inflation Hell
As Biden each day his dementia takes another step the 25th  seems the only way to a chance of salvation
Until we realize that Harris would be even worse and her incompetence would merit only more damnation
Only way to right this listing and lost ship of state is a Red sweep of the House and Senate to fence Biden’s missteps in
And enough Blue moderates to join with Reds to any veto votes, including overturning his executive orders win
© 11/29/21 The Alaskanpoet

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