Monday, November 29, 2021

USC Ends Bowl Eligibility Quest in Disgrace with "F**k the Mormons" Chants


Coming to the end of a disappointing season for USC
With 7 losses including Notre Dame, UCLA and the Tree
With a game to end the season against Cal
Behind against BYU to end any chance for a bowl its students went mal
The stands erupted with a “F**k the Mormons” roar
Two problems--they had the proper chant chose to ignore
In many arenas on Saturdays across the nation this chant was heard
“F**k Joe Biden” for his anti COVID-19 policies most students found absurd
No sugar coating with the same message only delivered in a different way
“Let’s Go Brandon” in response to MSM announcer at NASCAR trying to protect Biden with failed word play
Fans would have applauded the chants from the USC fans
But second problem is an attack on religion is an attack that most Americans will not understand
Maybe the cancer of CRT has infected the Trojan fans
The toxic effects of CRT attacking religion they could not withstand

© November 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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