Sunday, November 21, 2021

Nordstrom's Store In Walnut Creek Looted by Masked Mob Armed with Crowbars and Weapons


Not sure whether Walnut Creek is upwind or downwind from the stench on the streets in Feces City
But a Nordstrom’s store was attacked by a band of masked looters armed with crowbars and weapons without pity
Loading up on goods, piling into cars and disappearing into the night
With police arriving late and in few numbers to stop their flight
Totally brazen act not even concealed by “justice for Blake” signs and chants
Not an attack of a starving mob for food bolstered by anti-Rittenhouse rants
No this was the face of America with the BLM rhetoric consequences revealed
Defund the police and increase amount of theft to felony charges repeal
Only thing missing in this sad state of affairs
Was the scenes of flames and smoke rising into the night air
News article in PC mode did not disclose the racial identity of the mob participating in the attack
Who among the MSM has the temerity to suggest a majority of the attackers were young and black?
Thugs in the era of no cash bail, catch and release and riot and looting charges not prosecuted
Have free reign with little or no fear of consequences to assault, rob, demolish property, burn and loot
Our leftist elite with their armed security guards living behind walls
Couldn’t care less as mere mortals huddle in fear of death or being mauled
Shop owners unlike Nordstrom who has insurance to recoup the theft loss
Fear next store will be theirs and their life savings and livelihood into the trash be tossed
© November 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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