Monday, November 15, 2021

Hobson Choice Stick With Mental Midget Or 25th For Power Lusting Giant Who Is A Skilless Midget Who Bombed In France

 When you see the Peter Principle in action it is hard to watch

Almost every time Harris is in the public eye her task invariably she can only botch
France our oldest ally who helped us end the Revolutionary War with her navy at the Battle of Yorktown
Is seething over being stiffed at the last moment as a nuke sub deal with Australia was shut down
The U.S. at the last moment even as the contract ink was dry
Stepped in to a sub sale by France deny
Recalled its Ambassador as a sign of its ire and railed on the stab in its back
Strong condemnation on the level of Mussolini’s invasion of France that was largely thrown back
So Harris was sent to France with husband in tow to the seething waters calm
Watching her in Paris was very hard to see any effective diplomatic balm
In a city where Parisians look down on non-French speakers with barely tolerated disgust
Harris was ranting in English with a phony French access to regain Macron’s trust
Doubt her phony French accent helped the American/French dispute to lessen or nearly end
The saving grace was that we were not exposed to her fake chuckles used when solutions to issues she cannot send
Even the Sychophants at media like CNN are having the temerity to question her lack of skills
Realizing perhaps what many of us already know that she’s way below her needed paygrade bills
She never has dug herself out from on the border being totally MIA
Sidetracked to find the root causes of illegal alien immigration that Biden’s border policies display
What a Hobson’s choice we now face
A president whose cognitive skills have likely been erased
Or a Veep whose ambition for power dwarfs her needed skills
To have to swallow either one is a really bitter, bitter pill
© November 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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