Monday, November 1, 2021

Late for Meetings at G20 Asleep During Climate Change Speeches at Glasgow Is Sleepy Joe


Trump was right on point when he nicknamed Biden “Sleepy Joe”
Bided was caught napping during a climate change speech in Glasgow
Makes one wonder once again if the near 79 year old is up to the Oval Office task
Really not too much for us that he doesn’t nod off on climate change to ask
MSNBC tried to cover for “Sleepy Joe” with a “he’s working hard” claim
Given his escapes to Delaware and Camp David puts that idea to shame
Already ridiculed for being unable at the G20 to on time for meetings show
His energy level needed for a tough job seems to fade and when needed not grow
Like Hillary who was asleep for the early morning Benghazi attack on the Consulate call
Biden too often seems too tired and quickly hits the wall
The presidency is a job that comes with unrelenting stress
Dangerous that his alertness seems lacking the MSM tries to suppress
Glasgow will be a lot of wasted time with a lot of political hot air
Low expectations when building coal power stations China does not the burden of carbon reductions share
He could nap in Washington better if not just as well
As his vaunted infrastructure package and Build America Back Better is a harder and harder sell
If he would have sent climate change czar John Kerry to head a reduced delegation
A caravan of gas guzzling caravan of 85 SUVs would have been reduced to avoid carbon emission devastation
His warnings of environmental threats to the planet run hollow
When basic ideas of how to reduce carbon emissions he refuses to follow
© 11/1/21 The Alaskanpoet

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