Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Brooks is White Waukesha Parade Victims Mostly White--A Black Supremacist Racist Attack?


Darrel Brooks out on $1000 bail with a rap sheet of crimes since 1999 50 pages long
Drove a SUV at high speeds into a Christmas parade where violence in the season of peace does not belong
Killed 5 elderly marchers and a 6th a child spectator who died in the ICU
Dead may grow since a number of injured are in critical and their fight to recover is not yet through
Too early to have obtained by Brooks any information on motive for the attack
Since Brooks is black and BLM was outraged over the Rittenhouse not guilty verdicts a racist payback?
Watch for his social media posts to be revealed that attack whites along with his rap lyrics that do the same
If he is an anti-white racist will the MSM call him out and for the killings his anti-white racism blame
The protestors in Kenosha were rioting in protest over the shooting and maiming of Jacob Blake
Rittenhouse shot three white rioters trying to kill him and a self-defense argument he would make
Biden after the shooting had falsely labeled him a “white supremacist racist” which may prove a defamation lawsuit mistake
The MSM joined in and piled on in defamation and with the not guilty verdict their anger was off the charts
How could a racist kill 2 demonstrators and wound another and be able to from any incarceration depart?
Veiled threats from the BLM that Rittenhouse justice must face
Biden venting his anger and concern and Harris ranting more to be done to put equitable justice in place
The progressive D.A. in Waukesha over the Rittenhouse verdict debate must be thanking his lucking stars
If a payback for the verdict diverts attention from his pro felon policies and the fact Brooks should have been behind bars

© November 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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