Sunday, November 21, 2021

Tiffany Cross Is a Biased Driven By Hate and Loathing of All Whites Especially Red Whites as White Suprematcists


Tiffany as a name means a  “manifestation of God”
When applied to Tiffany Cross the name is flawed
She is probably with her bias and hate so far from God removed
At a time of great division when broadcasters on the air should be trying hateful passions soothe
Cross attacks with a vengeful spite
Anyone with temerity to question if her views are not right
Especially Reds who are all “white supremacists”
In her warped biased mind they don’t have a right to exist
And Rittenhouse who a jury who listed to the evidence and rose above the threats
Of the protestors who if not guilty verdicts by the jury were driven by a burn the town down mindset
Found him not guilty but she had license to rant and rail
Rittenhouse was a dirty little murderer who belonged in jail
Williams Jennings Bryan must be rolling in this grave over her biased rants
Not able to orate that man should not be crucified on a Cross of bias she wants to plant
Why she is allowed on the air boggles the mind
Her sponsors paying her salary to her damaging rhetoric must be blind
© November 21,2021 The Alaskanpoet

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