Monday, November 22, 2021

MSM Now Fact Checking Psaki's Distortions While Biden Foregoes Needed Cognitive Test

 Listening 2 the spewing of distortions & embellishments by Jan Psaki

Is like trying 2 ferret out the truth from someone speaking in Abnaki

The job of the White House Press Secretary doesn't the likes of Diogenes attract

The standard 4 reporting is 2 from the press keep the bad news back

We R now in the midst of the highest inflation we have seen in a long time

Not enough people working w/2 many fed $s doled out sucking from our $s more & more dimes

W/Biden’s war on fossil fuels gasoline, heating oil, diesel, natural gas & propane

Supplies reduced, prices soaring, frustrated Americans regardless of party louder & more frequent 2 complain

An infrastructure bill passed not limited 2 roads, airports, rails & ports

But burdened w/a basket of leftist social goodies 2 support

2 B followed by Built Back Better

Green ideas 7 social goals 2 more fed control & inflation 2 unfetter

Finally the MSM may B taking Psaki’s Biden distortions w/a grain of salt

As the rest of us mere mortals wait 4 his increasing cognitive failings 2 bring his term 2 a screeching halt

He just had an exhaustive physical along w/his coloscopy save in 1 area which is is the most need

Not 1 bit of evidence that he was examined w/a cognitive test like Trump took despite his mental faculties going 2 seed

Harris got a total joy 2 bolster her 25th Amendment hope

She became acting president while Biden was under the scope

© November 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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