Thursday, November 18, 2021

Rittenhouse Judge Bans MSNBC From Courthouse For Following Bus With Jurors


Given the fake news, lies and deceptions that were practiced during the Trump Administration by MSM members like MSNBC
Public trust for their journalists is probably near single digit lows with lack of truth and advocacy in place of objectivity
A MSNBC contributor was driving a van following a bus after picking up the Rittenhouse jurors
The idea of jurors being tracked in this emotionally charged case has ignited the judge’s furor
MSNBC who in a rush to judgment branded Rittenhouse a white suprematcist who had to disprove his guilt
Daily covered the news of the shootings and the trial with an it’s racist white suprematcist quilt
So bad that many people thought Rittenhouse had shot 3 protestors who were black
So they could keep the racist white suprematcist false narrative on track
The van driver claimed he was not following to photo or talk to the jurors which seems a stretch
A leisure drive not to see where they lived? Unlikely more so instilling juror fear of being following to instill some quetch
My guess if he could not photo at least they would know they were stalked and being watched
Clear message that a not guilty verdict would mean to left their duty they had botched
If so riots would on them be blamed
While their safety would be flushed down the drain
Watch for the MSNBC and the other MSM sycophants howl about the judge’s assault on the free press
Their silence after FBI raid on O’Keefe of Project Veritas does not their feigned outrage mere mortals impress
In a move after the cows have left the barn
The judge has sealed the jurors’ identity to protect them from harm


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