Monday, November 22, 2021

No Motive or Race Revealed for Richard Brooks Who While Out on Bail Drove Into a Christmas Parade Killing 5 Ae or


Richard Brooks, Jr, a criminal with a rap sheet back to 1999, is now in jail
Having been just released on bail for running into a woman and felony jumping bail
For driving his SUV into a Christmas Parade injuring 40 and killing 5
But for release on a low $1000 bail innocents would not be in ICU’s and the dead would be alive
To the left so enamored by “justice reform” pushing cashless bail mere collateral damage
To the rest of us another example of the left’s assault on our safety to ravage
The police have not released details on a possible motive or more importantly race
In our divided nation where the left sees white supremacists and racists in every place
After Rittenhouse trial many hoping the driver was not white
As speculation has surfaced he was fleeing from an earlier reported knife fight
As to the race of Brooks we all should be blind
Even though the MSM left will likely a white supremacist and racist find
But one thing about the tragedy is crystal clear
When career violent thugs are released on peanuts bail we should for our safety fear
© November 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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