Friday, November 26, 2021

Change the Narrative by MSM End Black Systemic Racism Crime


Under the doctrines of CRT blacks are by all whites oppressed
So white oppressors when seeing them commit crime their blame should be suppressed
Those who are oppressed in the MSM’s view have a get out of accountability card
The least the oppressive crowd can do for those suffering from a life so hard
Smash and grab gangs of blacks attacking luxury stores are merely getting a down payment on reparations pay back
The police should ape the security guards and stand down when the looting gangs attack
And since these are goods needed by the oppressed to be able to survive
The use of the term looting by the white oppressors we must deprive
Change the narrative to blind us to the facts of the crimes that transpire
Embellish the acts as peaceful protests and ignore the buildings and cars set on fire
Oppressed rising up in anger to take back what was stolen by the slavery of their ancestors is not something we oppressors should fear
Instead steps taken to promote social justice and racial equality are acts that the oppressors must cheer
Since racism is a common trait of all whites and the reverse in blacks never to be found
When a black con with a rap sheet 50 pages long and a hatred of whites and Jews in a SUV runs whites over knocking them to the ground
We must close our eyes to an unprovoked deadly attack and listen to MSM tout it’s the SUV to blame
Change the narrative, euphemize the words and accountability down the drain
Until we accept that racism is a two way street and systemic it is not
We will see our values and founding traditions crumble in rot
© November 25,2021 The Alaskanpoet

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