Thursday, November 18, 2021

As Harris's Approval Sinks to Lowest Level in Modern Times All She Can Do Is Chuckle But Jokes On Us:ev


Harris’ approval ratings have reached a new historic lows in modern times
At 28 percent she keeps sinking further and further into the mire and slime
Even surpassed the low of Dick Chaney as we into a recession and financial meltdown went
Cheney already the fall guy for the disastrous war in Iraq dropped as Bush term ended to his low of 30 percent
With the race card and white supremacist card so overused they have been torn to shreds
MSM’s explanation of her lack of approval on sexism and racism credibility of which has long since been shed
When asked by Stephanopoulos about her ratings that have buckled
All we get is her typical reality avoiding patented chuckle
Her staff is in tatters
Her credibility shattered
Her communication’s director is leaving like a rat a sinking ship
The joke is on us as she’s next in line as Biden rapidly loses his mental grip
Still can’t see the root causes of illegal immigration staring her in the face
Biden’s open border with his executive orders Trump’s border securing policies to replace
The only thing she has done right
By her actions proved Professor Peters with his Principle was very bright
© November 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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