Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Progressive in U.S. as Applied to the Left Must Change to Regressive


“Progressive” can mean changes that proceed gradually or in steps
Wise choice on actions to observe the results and proceed or reject
“Progressive” to describe a group means one with liberal ideas or social reform advance
But looking at the actions of the Squad and other Blues makes one feel askance
Higher taxes, more spending, open borders, assault on free speech to name but a few traits
Support their agenda and inflation, homelessness, drug use, crime, loss of freedom await
Better description would be regressive as the socialism model proves
Like Venezuela goods disappear the buying power of the currency is removed
Hand in hand prosperity and individual freedom disappear
A population in desperation trying to flee and living in fear
Not enough food to eat for the mere mortals who look like they are to Jenny Craig chained
While nothing but luxury and gourmand living for those select few lucky enough to reign
Matters not how rich the nation once was the regression into poverty is always the same
Lower standard of living near subsistence levels and any chance of improvement wanes
The true face of progressive is regressive into the depths of despair
Only a question of when progressive spending will put the population there


© November 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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