Monday, November 29, 2021

Biden Blows Off Waukesha Mourners Because Brooks Not a White Suprematcist


The Cack spread from the Cack News Network has long since destroyed more than its olfactory nerves
It has destroyed any journalistic neurons journalism needs to objectivity in reporting preserve
Its tweet of a day of mourning for the killing of 6 and wounding of over 40 at a Christmas parade
Mentions not the black anti-white racist Brooks only a car that drove into the marchers and the motive to evade
Like the left when a shooting occurs the deaths or maiming is always on a gun that bears the blame
It's only the guns that we allow into the streets whose ownership must be contained
The shooter who pulled the trigger that sent the bullets on their deadly way is merely a footnote
Unless of course a police officer or a white suprematcist then columns and minutes of rage the MCM to the story devotes
While Tesla and some other new model year brands have the ability once programed to drive without a driver’s hands on the wheels
This SUV was most likely not so equipped and needed a human being to make its deadly reckless trip
Not the thought obtained by one reading the tweet by CNN
Another way to blame away from a racist anti-white driver to spin
Cars like guns are not charged or sentenced in deadly crimes
It's the human we find fault with and who will if guilty spend time
Another time and moment for Biden to show he is a president that cares
But because the driver was not a white suprematcist Biden has no condolences time to spare
If this were a Limerick its first line would end with “from Nantucket”
And the second line ending with “having no time his message was to grieving souls to ‘f***et”
With the 3rd and 4th left to imagination as readers see fit
But the 5th “voters in 2022 and 2024 voting messages to him to chuck it”

© November 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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