Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Biden Believes McAuliffe Would Have Won if Build Back Better in Congress Had Not Been Fettered


Hindsight may be a learning experience but only if you have an open mind
The Blues and their lackeys from Murphy’s razor thin win and McAuliffe’s loss must be blind
The MSM pundits were jumping on the it was the white supremacists’ CRT dog whistles bandwagons
The progressives were bemoaning McAuliffe did not focus on issues to focus on slaying the Trump dragon
Biden who campaigned had even a more distorted view
With a straight face claimed that it was due
To the failure of not getting Build Back America in Congress through
A senior moment when one knows both houses controlled by the Blues
Instead of learning from mistakes the Blues seem to be doubling down
Instead of a life ring throwing an anvil to a man struggling not to drown
Pelosi has instructed the House Ways and Means to put paid parental leave back in
Push the cost over $2 trillion to help Blues in 2022 in the fall win
Increasing the spending instead of finding ways to reduce to bring two senators back into the fold
Reveals that the lack of mental clarity that plagues Biden in her BOTOX swamped mind has taken hold
Blues on very clear lessons chose to ignore and not even attempt to learn
Her record of 63 seats lost in 2010 may be surpassed as growing numbers of voters will the Blues spurn
© November 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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