Monday, November 8, 2021

Ron Wyden May Be a Spending Spree Stooge But His Son Adam Is Not Son Builds Father Creates Rot


If you want to find a stooge for the likes of Joe Biden
Look no further than a 41 year political career hack named Ron Wyden
Was a professor gerontology in Oregon before answering the political siren call
Elected 7 times to the House in a district with Portland as its Blue wall
Since 1996 as Senator safe until 2016
Calls himself a moderate on the political scene
Votes usually with the Schumer gang and supports the “billionaires tax” not on income but asset value which should not shock
Ridiculed Musk who sent out a twitter poll for opinion on whether in order to pay he should sell some Tesla stock
The hallmark of this nation is that inherited wealth does not guarantee success
Education, hard work, persistence and even some luck needed to circle of fame and fortune access
Ron Wyden has a son who has fallen far from his father’s tree
Instead of going on a distribution of wealth from unchecked spending sprees
He is of a mindset to fund the creation of wealth to create prosperity and jobs
While his father is of a mindset to tear it down, so chances to advance with the American dream are robbed
A multimillionaire hedge fund manager who compounds wealth faster than Blues like his father can tear it down
Another success story fleeing New York with its high taxes and  anti-business climate to the American Dream seek to drown
Ron needs to listen and try to ape his son
Would be more effective and end failed crony capitalism’s run

© November 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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