Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Attorney Joe Domansk Representing Darrel Brooks on Prior Criminal Cases Now Has a Conflict And Spared the Unenviable Duty of Representing Him In Waukesha Christmas Parade CaseshiHIM ;rRprior pri


One of the cornerstones of our legal system and our rule of law
Is that the accused in entitled to representation in criminal cases no matter how badly he is flawed
If the lawyer appointed by the court has a conflict or members of his firm have conflicts the lawyer must withdraw

Attorney Joe Domansk was representing Darrel Brooks on several pending cases and after Christmas parade killings must have held him in great faugh
A criminal lawyer’s worst nightmare in a small town is to be forced to represent a man who almost all in the town despise
Who probably all have seen the video or knew one of the killed or injured and believe in the need for Brooks’ quick demise
But today Domansk must be jumping for joy
Conflict of interests have surfaced that enable him to escape being employed
With a criminal raps sheet over 50 pages long it seems most doubtful that Brooks could pay a private attorney’s fee
The public defender’s office if it exists should be called on to defended Brooks in his killing and maiming spree
If not a judge will be forced to dragoon some criminal lawyer at county public defender like rates
To defend him from the likely execution or death sentence without possibility of parole that for Brooks awaits
His defense will not rise to the level of the Simpson Dream Team
Doubtful a GoFundMe account will be started or able to bring in dollars more than a trickle and not a needed stream
Two systems of justice—one with money to afford best attorneys and experts that money can buy
The other an overworked PD’s office or a court appointed lawyer on a shoe string  budget on which to rely
Brooks may have rejoiced that a week earlier his mom bailed him out of a $1000 bond to be set free
To without fear or hesitation & learning nothing  from his long list of arrests and convictions to go on his killing and maiming spree
© 11/29/21 The Alaskanpoet

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