Thursday, September 30, 2021

More Than 60,000 Illegals Are On Panama Are Heading North to Biden's Open Border and Mayorkas Hobbles Ice's Ability to Deport are a


Psaki lies as a matter of course & is dumb enough 2 believe
That Americans’ll buy her claim the border is closed when 15,000 illegals under a Del Rio bridge were waiting entry soon 2 achieve
Disclosure that more than 12,000 many w/COVID-19 were bussed into the interior & let go
W/promises 2 appear at an asylum hearing where most claims R denied so they won’t go
News that 60,000+ more R on the Columbian Panama border 2 our border heading
Another example of Biden’s open border agenda that increasing numbers of Americans R dreading
So Mayorkas who has been a lying inept DHS Secretary has decided 2 w/his pen
Complete the wall, stay in Mexico policy 2 reinstall as 4r the 60,000 surge it’s not if but when
No in another handcuffing & hobbling directive on deportation
Illegal alien status alone is not grounds 2  expel them from this nation
If U a farm worker the elderly or an illegal at a pro-immigration protest
U cannot these 4 deportation hearings arrest
The new crippling standard is whether the illegal is a public safety threat
The burden on our schools medical care and welfare services we must ignore & forget
How many illegals living here R on welfare or clog the emergency care halls?
How many illegals taking jobs 2 cause wages 4 citizens 2 fall?
How many illiterate illegals cause schools 2 fall 2 the lowest common denominator 2 try 2 teach?
How many illegals here R causing public housing 2 B out of citizens reach?
Competing w/poor unskilled citizens in the work place 2 strip them of their jobs
Condemning them 2 a life of minimum wage & any chance 4 good schooling & progress rob
Light bulbs in Mayorkas’ brain must power up
U can’t have welfare 4 the poorest citizens if the border is open & the safety net is bankrupt.
Collectively the M’s  R all a  safety threat
All save the best & brightest & most needed, by ICE agents must B met
© 9/30/21 The Alaskanpoet

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